6000 Flowers exhibition

Mon 20 March 2017 16:00 – 18:00 GMT

6000 Flowers is artist Josie Purcell’s response to the ‘Farms for AONBees’ pollinators project currently in progress between Cornwall Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (CAONB) and The Environment and Sustainability Institute (ESI).

You are invited to the private view of the show held between 4pm and 6pm on Monday 20th March – the first offical day of Spring. Drinks and nibbles will be available from 4pm with a short presentation to take place at 5pm.


Spring sees bumblebee queens visiting up to 6000 Flowers per day to collect enough nectar and pollen to establish her colony. However at this time of year there can be a shortfall in the availability of high quality flowers across agricultural landscapes.

Josie is a photographer with a passion for alternative and historic photgraphic processes that have as little impact on the environment as possible. The image making technique she will be implenmenting for this exhibition is the anthotype. This makes the most of nature’s bounty through the use of a photosensitive emulsion made from the juice/pulp of plants, flowers and berries. The resulting delicate monochromatic images are produced within several hours or weeks depending on the solution used and the duration/strength of sunlight.

‘Farms for AONBees’ is seeking to make a significant difference to the quality of our landscapes for conservation and food production. At the core of this project is a computer programme developed in the pollinators research group at the ESI that replicates the foraging and colony survival of bees in realistic landscapes. The ESI and the CAONB are currently doing real time testing of the computer programme on agricultural holdings by working with 5 farms across the Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.

Josie’s exhibition draws on the science behind this project and its importance in helping us understand more about bees health, survival and the pollination they provide.

The 6000 Flowers exhibition will run in The Creative Exchange from 20th March 2017 to 12th May 2017.