Dance and the Maternal

Saturday, October 21st 2017

Queen’s University Belfast

The embodied nature of dance provides a particularly rich site of investigation into questions of maternal corporeality. This one-day workshop seminar will bring together a group of dance practitioner-scholars and choreographers to discuss dance practice that addresses issues of the maternal. Following seminal publications that have forged a theoretical space for considering the aesthetics and politics of the maternal in the context of performance (e.g. Bracha Ettinger’s The Matrixial Borderspace (2006), Lisa Baraitser’s Maternal Encounters; Ethics of Interruption (2009), Freehling-Burton, Hawkes and Kinser’s Performing Motherhood: artistic, activist, and everyday enactments (2014)), this seminar will consider how dance practice and dance performance might connect with and contribute to, current thinking on the maternal.

Workshop and seminar spaces are strictly limited due to venue size, so please contact the seminar convener, Dr Aoife McGrath, if you are interested in attending:



13.00-13.30: Introduction to the Dance and the Maternal project (Dr Aoife McGrath, Queen’s University Belfast), Seminar Room, 21 University Square

13.30-14.15: Studio performance – Regan O’Brien, Bounding, Rehearsal Room, Brian Friel Theatre, 20 University Square

14.15-14.45: Coffee break, Brian Friel Theatre Foyer

14.45-15.15: Studio performance – Liz Roche, Wrongheaded, Rehearsal Room, Brian Friel Theatre, 20 University Square

15.15- 16.15: Workshop – Dr Róisín O’Gorman (UCC), ‘Moving the maternal: Explorations of placental breathing and ‘tentacular’ kinships’,

Rehearsal Room, Brian Friel Theatre, 20 University Square

16.15- 17.00: Closing roundtable discussion and thoughts about future moves, Seminar Room, 21 University Square