Extension of deadline, clarification of purpose. Apologies for cross-posting
and thanks to early respondents.

Artists who explore the relationship between the Self and the Other are
invited to respond with images and short positional statements for
publication. This call is addressed as much to practitioners in Performance
Art as for Visual Artists.

Since the Renaissance the purpose of Art has moved more to the individual
and the personal together with its intention. In practice however this
purpose and intention may be perturbed, perhaps when the meaning of the
artwork is unclear, when the results are in conflict with an inner
visualisation or when the artist loses in some sense of struggle with the
effort of creation. At these points in development the Artist may feel not
alone with the artwork and a sensation of Otherness, alterity may be

Self and Identity have become major themes of our connected lives. The
heroic stance of the Artist is to be demonstrated by feats of daring-do and
self-doubt can seem an unwanted diversion. It becomes easier to associate
with like-minded people. We build ³bubbles² of comfort and only sometimes
manage to discern the difference between ourselves and other people. The
bubble remains intact; wars, elections, referenda rattle our security but
for many life continues as before.

Engagement with the Other can be a significant step in the development
process. As artists, we need to reach further than most. We need to approach
the Otherness of the outside world with more generosity. To accept that
possibly we cannot answer questions about selfhood without a recognition
that the differences between people, experienced as alienation and
separation, are unreal : following Paul Ricoeur and his work ³Oneself as
Another², we must accept that we have too much Otherness within ourselves.
This call is to connect with you as an artist with this shared interest and
to join with me in a community of shared research. I found this line of
research beginning with the cast shadow of the self and through exploring
its independent, isolated and wayward behaviour. I have previously made a
short monograph ³Shadow:Other:myself² (ISBN 978-1977535535, preview
https://goo.gl/TC6DqV )

To take this goal of community building further my contribution is to make a
limited edition, hardback book of your contributions. The book will feature
20 (approx. ) artists with images and facing text. In the first instance,
two copies will be gifted to each selected participant. This is intended as
a directory for this group, to help you extend your networks. We can then
discuss our next steps which might include a curated show/performance or a
mainstream publication.

Initially, send an image and an account (200 words) to describe your Self¹s
response to the Other with a URL for other relevant work. The artist must
confirm that they own copyright in the image and text. Please also say how
you found this call.

On progress the selected image must be available in hi-res (3000 x 3000
pixels) — the artist will at all times retain control of copyright both of
image and text. As editor I can help you with any translation from your own
words, the text of the book will be published in English.

Deadline 31/03/2018

Keywords : alterity, Art, book, collaboration, intersubjectivity, ipseity,
participation, Publication