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Exhibition: Jan O’Highway

VANITAS an exhibition by Jan O'Highway Garden Room Gallery, June 1 to 13. Emerging from darkness… reminiscent of a 17th century Vanitas still life, the strong chiaroscuro of these images emphasizes the underlying structures of plants in all their forms – seed to leaf...

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First Friday, June 2

First Fridays are a time to gather and share - food, ideas, art, gossip. First Fridays are entirely informal: a bring-something-to-share lunch followed usually by some kind of artist presentation. Our guest this month is Jan O'Highway whose work will be on show in the...

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In Other Tongues – coming soon

In Other Tongues is still accepting registrations (no concession tickets left, sorry). Held at the beautiful Dartington Hall in southwest England from June 7-14 2017, it comprises an international gathering/conference from June 7-9 followed by a small-group...

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