Drawing: research, theory, practice

Special Issue 3:2 | ‘Drawing and Language’

Deadline: 30 March 2018


This guest-edited issue of Drawing: Research, Theory, Practice explores the relationship between drawing and language.

Does drawing have grammar, syntax or vocabulary? In what sense may it properly be regarded as ‘eloquent’ or conversely ‘inarticulate’? What of its quasi-linguistic functions – notation, translation, instruction, reflection? Is drawing some sort of language, or are we simply playing with words here?

DRTP 3.2 will consider drawing as a form of expression analogous (or not) to verbal communication; likewise, historical and contemporary ideas of drawing’s engagement with language, and understandings of drawing in the context of different linguistic heritages. Other imaginative explorations of this theme are also extremely welcome.

All enquiries should be addressed to the guest editor, Dr. Sarah Blair: drawinglanguage@gmail.com

For more information about this Call for Papers please click here.