Drawing Down the Feminine
Bridport Arts Centre
Allsop Gallery
3 February – 17 March 2018
“Millennia of materialistic, linear, expansionist and patriarchal culture are bequeathing us a distorted and disfigured planet and culture. This exhibition calls back to life those quiet, submerged, yet insistent threads of the feminine regenerative principle.

Artists will consider the many facets of working in a way which engages with the feminine or matrixial body. There will be paintings, film, digital poetry, writing, sculpture and mixed media work by: Kate Walters, Jim Carter, Partou Zia, Penny Florence, Karen Lorenz, Tanya Kryzwinska, Maggie O’Brien, Max Burrows, Valerie Dalton, Faye Dobinson, Sara Samuelsson, Lucy Stein, Otter Rose-Johns, Jo Jewers, Karina von Borowski Hosking, Sally Tripptree, Yolanta Gawlik, & Yolande Armstrong.”