hosted by bred in the bone theatre laboratory / curator matthieu leloup-bellon

 Theatre De Menilmontant, Paris

2nd – 8th July 2018

 Encounters with and between emergent theatre makers

From the UK, Europe and beyond.



Deadline 22nd January 2018




Following our third successful annual festival in Paris in July 2017, Bred in the Bone, host company of Dreams Before Dawn Festival Hub of Contemporary Theatre and Performance, warmly invites companies and performers from all disciplines to register interest in having their work featured at our next celebration of international work: Dreams Before Dawn 4, in July 2018. http://dreamsbeforedawn.weebly.com

Dreams Before Dawn 4 will be our biggest festival to date, in a single week hosting over 35 theatre companies and more than 100 performances, as well as residencies and laboratory workshops from a broad range of theatre practitioners – all at the Theatre De Menilmontant in Paris.  Its three venues, rehearsal studios and large outdoor courtyard will support a thoroughly eclectic programme of work as we pursue our aim of celebrating and enriching that very European spirit of collaboration, communion and cultural diversity that has seemed so much under threat in 2017. In providing a supportive and creative environment, we hope emergent companies and artists, as well as graduate companies from across the UK and Continental Europe, can safely encounter, explore, discuss and develop new work in the true spirit of European theatre making.

To apply, simply write us a short letter (roughly 1 page) introducing yourself, your company, your work, and your proposal for the festival to: dreamsfest@bredinthebone.co.uk.  Feel free to include links, images and video of current and previous work. We have a flexible approach to curating and aim to provide complete freedom in format. We are also open to proposals for performances across all discipline, as well as for platforms and media; also laboratory work demonstrations and workshops; work in progress/graduating companies and young(er) artists’ works. This list of possibilities is by no means exhaustive.

Bred in the Bone will provide basic technical support and publicity. We ask in return for three showings of each work, and for a thoroughgoing commitment to supporting the other companies and artists involved in the festival.

If you are invited onto the programme, we will ask you for a small non-refundable contribution of £100 per company or credited single artist. A 40% share of the box office over the whole Festival will be distributed equally among the participants.


Brief History of Dreams Before Dawn

Over the past decade, Bred in the Bone Theatre Laboratory has maintained an international ensemble of performers and theatre makers engaged in the development of training and performances. Its members have developed work as teachers, facilitators, researchers – and now, curators – of contemporary theatre and performance across Europe. We have been collaborating with theatres and institutions in for example Paris, Wroclaw, Madrid, and also in Greece, Iceland, and Portugal. Particularly notable is our long-standing relationship with Rose Bruford College of Theatre and Performance and its annual symposium, under whose auspices we have presented upwards of 40 performances, workshops, talks, conferences and demonstrations of work. This relationship with the Bruford symposium team initiated the conception of ‘Dreams Before Dawn’ in 2014. Last year, 2016,  our 5-day Paris festival hosted 28 companies in a diverse programme of 78 theatre, movement, poetry and music events, as well as workshops and talks with established and emergent theatre practitioners from across Europe.

Host company Bred in the Bone annually presents a selection of their latest work within the programme, and aims alongside this to curate an eclectic mix of visceral, experimental, multi-disciplinary performance placing emphasis on collaboration, communion, creativity and (multi)culture.


About Host Company Bred in the Bone 

Bred in the Bone is a multi-national collective of theatre makers.  Based in Brighton, UK, we dedicate ourselves to the practical exploration of the craft of the actor, the musician and the ensemble, sharing our diverse artistic and cultural traditions to unearth what is common in our identities and in how we relate to one another. Our roots in actor training are fundamental to our identity, underpinning our belief that aesthetics derive from a training, as opposed to the other way around. As such, we do not aim to develop a particular aesthetic or form, but to reveal what is inherent and impulsive within each moment of performance towards a collective sense of musicality.

Over the last decade we have trained, led workshops, hosted residencies, and performed as a collective all over the world – most regularly with the support of Rose Bruford College of Theatre and Performance, alongside whom we have presented upwards of 25 pieces of work, ranging from Shakespeare and T.S. Eliot, to new writing and music performances. We aim to restore the actor and ensemble to the centre of performance, using principles of coordination, musicality, impulse, and emotion-action to form our training and, organically, our performance.

See a link to a documentary on our work during the Summer of 2013 here, https://vimeo.com/194191797 .

BITB contact:

For Dreams Before Dawn Festival : dreamsfest@bredinthebone.co.uk

visit : http://dreamsbeforedawn.weebly.com


For Bred In The Bone Theatre Laboratory: