EnviroHum is a fully interdisciplinary project which seeks to explore our complex and ever-changing relationship with the environment. Engaging practitioners of the Environmental Humanities and beyond, EnviroHum focuses on drawing out discourses of crisis and creation in relation to all forms of environmental culture. EnviroHum is a collaborative project drawing together environmental Artists, Academics and Activists, who are all interested in the role of ecology and the environment in their creative practice, politics and research. Through our opensource platform, we aim to foster new connections between disciplines, from Archaeology and Architecture to Literature and Engineering, teasing strands of communication and weaving a new meshwork of conversation under the banner of the Environmental Humanities.


The editors of EnviroHum have an open call for contributions from the creative, to the critical, and anything else in-between. EnviroHum will consist of monthly blog posts and a specially-themed quarterly E-Zine. We’re looking for work that stands out from the crowd: work that is original, illuminating, witty, wise, and continually challenging. If you think you fit all these and more, we want to hear from you.


EnviroHum also seeks contributions to our regular feature pages which will be updated monthly:

  • New Writing: This is our long-form style section. From accessible academic papers, to journalistic response, or activist eco-blogs, the New Writing page features pieces (1-3k in length) on anything from environmental crisis to reflections and book reviews.
  • Eco-Art: The dedicated page for all forms of eco-art, from photo essays and films to ecopoetry and short stories (creative writing submissions 1-2k in length). If you’re creating we want to know!
  • Field Notes: The space for place-based practice and research, this feature seeks reflective essays, conference reports, and journal entries which follow specific projects or pieces of work (submissions 500-1.5k).


In addition to our monthly blog EnviroHum will be seeking contributions to our quarterly special issues. The forthcoming themes will be:

  • Féðe: The Power To Go On Foot
  • Spaces of Incarceration and Creation
  • Energy Cultures
  • Pedagogy of Place


Please send these by email to with the relevant feature in the subject title. Submission Deadlines for the first issue: Monday 25th January 2016. Feel free to get in touch via twitter @EnviroHum.