Facing Death Creatively

Resilience, Resistance, Reflection and Revolution

Friday 13th October 2017 

Time 9.30am-6.30pm Registration from 9.00am

The Arts team at St Christopher’s Hospice are mounting their second conference ‘Facing Death Creatively’ to explore how the Arts can be utilised to make sense of at the end of life and in bereavement. The focus of this year’s conference will be Resilience, Resistance, Reflection and Revolution.


Who is the conference for?

The day is aimed at socially-engaged artists, Arts Therapists (music, drama, art, dance) and palliative care practitioners involved in working with people facing death and their families and communities. We also host medical, nursing and social work professionals as well as their students. Our keynote speaker is Julia Samuel the psychotherapist and author who recently published the book- ‘Grief Works’ -Stories of Life, Death and Surviving.

Calls for expressions of interest in participation

We are keen to invite submissions to take part in the form of oral presentations, seminars, performances or participatory workshops. The themes for the conference are Resilience, Resistance, Reflection and Revolution. We encourage interested parties to consider these themes and to interpret them in ways that lend themselves to provocative and original ways of thinking.

This conference will ask and seek to answer key thematic questions through discussions and presentations:

  • How do the Creative Arts sit together as various disciplines with a shared objective?
  • With low morale and ‘burn out’ common features in healthcare how can we support each other to take care of ourselves? Where do we find our resilience?
  • How do we ‘envision’ creative supervision?
  • How do we navigate resistance in the workplace, with staff and patients?
  • How can we keep the Creative Arts at the heart of good palliative care in today’s financial and political climate?
  • How is the visibility of the Creative Arts therapies a mode of resistance against consumerist materialistic culture?


Presentations from different cultural and disciplinary spaces are welcome.


Proposals should include the following information:

Title, Abstract (150-250 words), Keywords (3-10 words), References (max. 3 references),

Bionote (max. 50 words per presenter), Email addresses of presenters,

Type of presentation (oral presentation, poster or workshop)

Proposals should be sent via email to t.dives@stchristophers.org.uk

Extended submissions deadline: August 20th 2017


What else will this conference offer?

There will be opportunities to share creative practice in a variety of disciplines and learn new methods and methodologies.

The day will finish with a wine & canapés social hour.


@ Christopher’s

How can I find out more?

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Last year’s delegates said the conference was ‘mind and heart expanding’, ‘a rich inspiring day’, ‘a superb experience, brilliantly curated.’