We are progressing to the online publication from In Other Tongues (June 2017) and welcome your contribution.

If you were a presenter you are welcome to send a publishable version of your input to the conference. If you showed a film, please let us know if you’re happy for us to include the film within the publication. And of course add any framing around it that you wish. You are also welcome to send any reflection or observation from the event.

If you were a delegate and would like to write a short reflection or observation from the event, this would also be a welcome submission.

Please email your contribution as a Word document, a pdf, or as a jpg or movie/sound file by December 3 2017. Send it to events@artdotearth.org.

Submissions will be reviewed by a selection panel. We may make editorial suggestions or ask you to make corrections. We may not be able to include all submissions.

We will endeavour to publish by early 2018.