Life is a Journey

Josie Gould


In a world of constant change and uncertainty, where there is no fixed narrative or self to find, how can we know who we are and what our place in the world is? My art practice is an ongoing exploration into what it is to be displaced, floating in the space between many worlds. My experiences of this as an adopted person are of loss, absence, dislocation and vertigo however paradoxically also of connection, fluidity, adventure and freedom.

Modern quantum physics, (Havleka and May) Vipassana meditation (Goenka) and the philosopher Spinoza (Bennett 2010:117-9) agree that the universe is on a journey in which “unformed elements and materials dance...” in “vortices and spirals that shift, eddy and erode.“ We are all affected by a changing natural and social world, forces beyond our control which invisibly affect us as physical sensations, feelings, memories and stories. My work explores how nature and culture continually affect us by examining the intangible qualities of change found occurring in the mundane and everyday in a variety of places and spaces. I spend time where nature and the man-made interact using embodied intuition to observe, photograph and video chance occurrences. Exploratory processes and in-depth reflection on the recorded work often reveal strange illogical connections between the lyrical and the abject. Examining the affect of phenomena and the memories they recall, hints at the mystical and new perspectives on our possible place in the world.


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