Sarah Rose, Susannah Stark, Hanna Tuulikki

Lilt, Twang, Tremor

Sat 18 November 2017 — Sun 14 January 2018

CCA Glasgow

For this exhibition, CCA invites three Scottish artists whose work examines the politics and production of voice. The human voice can mystify, calm, incite, deceive and betray. It can shift borders, change spaces and disturb our understanding of ourselves and our communities. Looking at how the voice takes shape in different places and environments, this exhibition explores the contexts in which voices are made audible. Examining the mouth, the mouthless voice, the embodied and disembodied voice, the voice as a tool, and as an instrument – the artists question the manner in which vocals affect the environment around us.

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[image: Sarah Rose, The Printer’s Devil, We’ll Smell Sweet, audio, 15min, 2015]