An open invitation to artists and others to participate in an ambitious series of exhibitions and events
addressing the vital themes of growth and decay

You can say the word live in two ways. live is an initiative that will bring both definitions together, in a series of exhibitions, installations, performances and events in the heritage city of Bath. live is planned as a key element of FaB18, next year’s manifestation of the city’s celebrated festival of contemporary visual art. It is scheduled for the two weeks May 25 – June 10, 2018.

As well as a series of exhibitions of arresting and original artworks -some of them made from living and/or decaying materials- there will live interventions, involving performance artists, poets, musicians, film and video makers. This list of potential participants is not exclusive. We are also encouraging the participation of thinkers, scientists, activists and other kinds of specialist, who can lead conversations in unexpected directions.

Like the word live, the themes of growth and decay can be addressed in different ways: seen through the lenses of philosophy, science, politics and humankind’s troubled relationship with the rest of nature – at the level of the globe, society or the individual person. The creators of live sense the need for an inclusive and diverse approach when

addressing matters so urgent and essential. We intend this initiative to be provocative and surprising, beautiful and inspiring.

The core venue for live is Walcot Chapel, in central Bath, the tree- filled cemetery which surrounds it and the intimate park alongside. The Tardis-like chapel has been a welcoming venue for memorable exhibitions and events for several decades now. On this occasion, we intend that it should take on something of the form of a living, growing and decaying organism. And this sense of growth and decay will spread out into the surroundings … into the graveyard, the park and along Walcot Street into the heart of the city. We wish to explore ways of using growth and decay as the medium as well as the message, but this does not preclude other media, whether established or exploratory.

Transformed by inventive visual art, Walcot Chapel will also be used for intimate performances of various kinds, plus open conversations, led by people with something to say, and with open ears and minds.

Closing date for submissions: January 31, 2018

Geoff Dunlop, curator live +44 (0) 777 5557726