Museum of Water opens in Perth

Next week sees the opening of Museum of Water at Perth International Arts Festival, heralding the start of 4 years’ work in Western Australia, gathering water across the state.

The Museum begins at four very different sites across February, from the sandy beaches of Albany to Perth’s central business district: for full dates and sites please see here. Later in the year we go out further across the state to gather water, towards a large scale installation at PIAF 2018, after which the bottles will become part of the Western Australian Museum‘s permanent collection.

We have curated a delicate and wide-ranging free programme of events for Museum of Water at PIAF 2017. These include a one-to-one artwork with local surfers taking you out to sea to read the waves, sunset kayaking along the Swan River, a Swimmers’ Manifesto and a sensory walking tour reconnecting you with the vast wetlands that flourished in central Perth in the 19th Century, and which are still under threat. Each site is introduced to us from the perspective of Noongar history.

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