Alice Fox

Alice Fox

My process-led practice is based on personal engagement with landscape and has sustainability at its heart. My background in physical geography and nature conservation underpins my practice. I work with natural fibres and gathered materials, employing natural dye techniques, print, stitch and weave in different combinations to create surfaces and structures. Found items, their identity often a mystery because of the action of the elements, form the focus of my response to a landscape. I take an experimental approach to these found items: by engaging with the materials that I find, manipulating them and experimenting, I learn about their properties, boundaries and possibilities. This exploration becomes a collaboration between object and artist.

I studied Contemporary Surface Design & Textiles at Bradford School of Arts & Media and work from my studio in Saltaire, West Yorkshire. I exhibit, lecture and teach workshops nationally and internationally. I am a member of the Textile Study Group and the Society of Designer Craftsmen.



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March 28, 2017

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