Beth Carruthers

Beth Carruthers

About you or your organisation: Born and raised on the wild west coast of Canada, where the last great temperate rainforest meets the last great sea in a fierce profusion of life and culture, I am an environmental humanities scholar, artist, writer and curator. For 3 decades my practice, research, writing, and teaching have collectively focused on ethical human-nature and interspecies relations.
Current research continues explorations into the transformative capacity of lived, aesthetic experience, multispecies, or more-than-human ethnographies, and the meeting of indigenous and “Western” philosophies and ontologies.

In 2006 I created a research report for UNESCO on arts in sustainability, and since 2007 have developed and led intensive courses focused on creative transdisciplinary and intercultural approaches to the wicked problems found in places on the edge – where Modernity and its practices interface with lands, waters, species: community writ large.

One such place is the UNESCO Clayquot Biosphere Reserve on Vancouver Island, where in collaboration with with marine biologists, the Nuu Chah Nulth nation, Emily Carr University, and others, I offered a residency-based course.

More info, and a list of publications can be found on my perennially-work-in-progress website: Downloads at



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March 1, 2017

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