Down to Earth

Daro Montag & Paul Ridout

Down To Earth

Daro Montag’s research and creative practice start from the premise that the natural world is best understood as being constituted of events rather than consisting of objects. This philosophical position foregrounds the significance of process and its residue. This is expressed in visual form through the presentation of indexical traces and was the subject of his PhD.

Past artworks have been made to represent the idea of nature as event. These have employed the assistance of micro-organisms, plants, insects, toads and other living matter. Recent work records the activities of the wind and rain, some of which is currently being exhibited at the Met Office and Deutsche Bank.

Soil is one of the most vital components in the biosphere. It contains countless organisms and a rich mix of chemicals and minerals. A healthy, living soil is essential for plant growth and animal life. It is the matrix upon which all terrestrial life depends.

This video is part of a developing project, commissioned by Sherborne House, Dorset and has been made in collaboration with Paul Ridout.The ongoing work will examine and represent the vitality of the living soil. Click on the image below to view the video. For this you will need Flash Player installed on your PC. Note: This piece requires a broadband connection to stream correctly.