RANE Publications

Below are publications and research papers linked to the research undertaken by RANE. You will find a selection of these are available to purchase online via the online payments section of the Falmouth University website. Some publications listed here are available to download as PDF files. For any other enquiries please contact us.


Publications from RANE Associates
lovejoyAnnie Lovejoy
Interfaces of Location and Memory: An exploration of place through context-led arts practice
PhD Thesis, 2011
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tree_talk_book_smVicky Lafford
Tree Talk
MA Art & Environment
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MA CatalogueRANE Research Group
Yearbook 2011-12
Falmouth University
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Layout 1Daro Montag
Dialogues with Nature
Exhibition Catalogue, 2013
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websterAndy Webster
Finding fluid form: A process aesthetic
as a means to engage with the
prevailing entitative model of thinking in ecological art
PhD Thesis, 2012
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learningbookNatalia Eernstman, Jan van Boeckel, Shelley Sacks and Misha Myers
Inviting the unforeseen: a dialogue about art, learning and sustainability
E-Chapter in Learning for sustainability in times of accelerating change 2012,
eds: Arjen E.J. Wals and Peter Blaze Corcoran (201-212).

To effectively grasp and address sustainability challenges, this chapter argues that we need to expand our predominantly logocentric and linear ways of knowing with more presentational, embodied and sensory means. The chapter traces an exploration of this position through a dialogue between four academic, artistic practitioners. It proposes the integration of art in (learning) processes for sustainability as a means to hold ambiguity, embrace the unknown and move ahead despite uncertainty. Art is introduced as a process that inherently and purposefully accepts and deploys (rather than minimizes) the latter elements. The authors subsequently touch upon a range of features of artistic processes that foster the emergence of these qualities: i.e. imagination, connection, embodiment and estrangement. Some of which might inspire educators, academics, decision-makers and activist to adopt a more aesthetic, connective mode of experiencing, thinking and doing, thereby generating conditions that allow for active, connective and imaginative making instead of routinely adopting the ready-made.

hevvaCape Farewell/University College Falmouth
Hevva! Hevva!
Exhibition Catalogue
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dawn-chorusAndy Webster
Dawn Chrous
Exhibition Catalogue
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SOLO 2012
Waterfront Gallery
University Campus Suffolk

SOLO is an initiative which offers a solo exhibition to an established or emerging artist. This year from an open application of over 90 artists drawn from across the UK we are delighted to have selected Andy Webster. David Baldry, Head of Fine Art at UCS says, "SOLO, now in its third year, has become one of the high points in the gallery year at UCS. This new exhibition by Andy Webster which follows the work recently shown by Langlands & Bell, provides another memorable moment in the increasingly innovative programme of exhibitions at the Waterfront Gallery".
Andy Webster's Dawn Chorus continues the gallery's dynamic programme to provide local audiences and visitors to Ipswich with the opportunity to view a diverse programme of contemporary art. His recent work has been described as emerging from practices and discourses associated with environmental issues and ecological art. Dawn Chorus's interaction with the environment is instrumental in the unfolding of the work and is characteristic of his work. The unpredictable interaction morphs the work from a reflective, silent installation into a vibrating, musical performance creating a unique experience for both the audience and the gallery.

Andy Webster has shown nationally and internationally, and recently has participated in shows including 'Emergencia' at Emoção Art:ficial, Itau Cultural, São Paulo, Brazil; 'Living Architectures Lab' at Demarcació de Girona del COAC, Girona, Spain, and 'Maverick Machines' at Matthews Gallery, University of Edinburgh, UK. Recent projects include Crazy Tourist a response to participating in a Cape Farewell expedition to the source of the Dollis Brook. Since February 2008, he has led the project Social Cycles, which provides 41 bicycles for students and staff to use for free for the duration of their studies and employment at University College Falmouth and University of Exeter. Andy is currently a researcher for RANE (Research in Art, Nature & Environment) at University College Falmouth.

Our thanks to Graham Lambert and KHL Architects for their enthusiasm in supporting this exhibition; to all the artists who submitted a proposal for SOLO 2012 and to the members of the selection panel who so willingly gave their time.

Carol Gant
Arts Curator, Waterfront Gallery University Campus Suffolk
ma-show1University College Falmouth
MA Art & Environment: Interim Show
In The Midst Of Wonders
Exhibition Catalogue
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13 –18 December 2011
The Poly, 24 Church Street, Falmouth

Over the past year, students from the MA Art & Environment group have stretched and flexed their perceptions and skills in pursuit of a process and a practice rooted in the Earth... in its fascinating wonders, its humbling gifts, and its inspirational poetry. They create, mend, perform, question, share and cook a rich array of actions, articulations and aesthetics. Both curious and commonplace, their art offers a space for questions. It speaks a language steeped in contemplation, while offering punctuations of the sublime. In reaching into the very fabric of the universe for its threads of inspiration, it bestows discoveries and delights. It is an art that of itself offers wonders.

“I will act as if what I do makes a difference.” William James

For centuries artists have interpreted and represented the natural environment. It has provided materials and subject matter, as well as inspiration and knowledge. In recent times – particularly since the growth of the environmental movement – there has been a dramatic change in our understanding of the many ways our society impacts upon the Earth. This awareness has galvanized around the fact that the relationship between humanity and our life-giving planet is in a critical state. This change in knowledge has been reflected in contemporary art practice. It is within this context that MA Art & Environment encourages a focused engagement with ecological and environmental issues and promotes art as an agent of change.
guide-bookAnnie Lovejoy
Caravanserai Guide Book
Research Booklet; 2011
ISBN: 978-0-9544187-7-9

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Caravanserai: Discovering what's on your doorstep

Discovering what’s on our doorstep is a limited edition publication that creatively maps, celebrates and promotes the local – mixing imagination and information in a poetic and functional ‘guide book' for a popular tourist destination, Treloan Coastal Holidays. The guidebook is attentive to the understanding of place as being replete with human histories and memories (Lippard, 1997: 7), and to being a form of ‘art’ knowledge – a knowing as we go (Ingold, 2000:230) via context-led imaginative c/artographies of sensibility and socio-spatial experience.
Full colour 64 page limited edition produced for Treloan Coastal Holidays campsite by Annie Lovejoy as part of the Caravanserai project
and published by the RANE Research Group at University College Falmouth (ISBN 978-0-9544187-7-9)
yearbook2011RANE Research Group
Yearbook 2010-11
University College Falmouth
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aiasUniversity College Falmouth
AIAS 2009
Association of Independent Art Schools
2009 Conference Publication
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wem-magDaro Montag
WEM: Water & Environment Magazine
Article on Cape Farewell Expedition,
February 2010 Edition
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insightsAnnie Lovejoy & Dr Harriet Hawkins
Insites: A Notebook
Research Booklet, 2009

‘Insites: A Notebook’ is a limited edition (1500) artists’ book produced by artist Annie Lovejoy and geographer Dr Harriet Hawkins for the Royal Geographical Society & Institute of British Geographers Annual Conference 2009.
Developed during a residency within the Caravanserai project at Treloan in Cornwall, the notebook attempts to make visible the processes of responsive arts practice, weaving together the meshwork of relations that arise from ‘being’ in a place. The book is an active object of enquiry, it is both aesthetic and functional - its blank pages offering space for input in recogniton of the evolving nature of the practice upon which it reflects.

Insites: A Notebook publication details
Insites: A Notebook part 1
Insites: A Notebook part 2
this-earthDaro Montag
This Earth
Pub: University College Falmouth, 2007
ISBN: 978-0-9544187-4-8

'This Earth' is a documentation of Daro Montag's latest research. The project aims to raise awareness of the importance of healthy soil; draw attention to its significance and celebrate its vitality. 80pp. Copies are available to purchase online via the online payments section of the University College Falmouth website
artfulResearch in Art, Nature & Environment
Artful Ecologies
Pub: University College Falmouth, 2008
Conference Papers

Downloadable PDF

The papers presented at the Artful Ecologies: Art, Nature & Environment Conference held in July 2006 at University College Falmouth, have now been published as a paperback book, 210x150mm; full colour; 156pp. Copies are available to purchase online via the online payments section of the University College Falmouth website.
private-viewRobin Hawes
Private View: The Nature of Visual Process
Pub: University College Falmouth, 2007
ISBN: 978-0-9544187-3-1

The record of an art/science collaboration by artist Robin Hawes with cognitive neurologist Dr Tim Hodgson. The project combined knowledge and technology from the visual sciences with a series of photographic images produced as part of Robin’s art practice. Aiming to highlight the internally constructive and idiosyncratic aspect of visual perception, the outcomes reveal the disparity between the visual information gathered by our eyes and the conscious picture of reality formed in our minds. Includes essays by the artist and Dr Tim Hodgson. 68pp. Copies are available to purchase online via the online payments section of the University College Falmouth website.
Responding to Climate Change

Downloadable PDF

Students and staff were invited to join us for a day of events hosted by the RANE research cluster along with staff and volunteers from UCF on Friday 11 May 2007. As a record the day's events, a small book has been published and is available from the RANE research office by emailing robin.hawes@falmouth.ac.uk Alternatively you can download a copy in PDF format by clicking on the link below.

The event, at the College's Tremough Campus in Penryn, aimed to raise awareness of climate change and offer positive actions that can be taken by both the institution and individuals that would help to bring about a more sustainable future.

Throughout the day, there were stalls and displays in the Lower Stannery, providing help and information on ways to combat climate change. A morning session of talks and presentations took place in the Tremough Lecture Theatre, followed in the afternoon by a series of films in the Media Centre Cinema. The day was rounded off with a 'Question Time' panel discussion on the issue of the day. As part of the event, a competition was launched for all art, design and media students to produce work in response to climate change. The shortlisted and winning entries are published as part of this 72pp, full colour book.
enchantmentAdam Clarke
An Aesthetic Re-enchantment
of Nature - a proposal
Research Paper, 2007
Downloadable PDF

This research paper is a result of time spent at F. David Peat's Pari Center for New Learning, situated in the small medieval village of Pari, Italy, from late 2006 until early 2007. Acting as an ambassador of University College Falmouth's RANE Research Cluster, Adam furthered his own visual arts research into the re-enchantment of nature as a contemporary ecological aesthetic, and opened a dialogue with the Pari Center with a view to potentially establishing an artists' residency exchange with University College Falmouth at some point in the future.
futurepaletteDaro Montag, Balint Bolygo, Stig Evans
Future Palette
Pub: Sherborne House, 2006
Exhibition Catalogue

An exhibition at Sherborne House in Dorset, showcasing the work created by the three 'Colour and Chemistry Project' bursary winners. The exhibition and catalogue also included examples of new, technologically advanced materials used in art and science. 21 October to 19th November 2006. Further details at www.sherbornehouse.org.uk
dendrosDave Pritchard
Dendros: Horizons Of Change
Pub: University College Falmouth, 2006
ISBN: 978-0-9544187-2-4

Dealing with issues of humankind’s feeling for trees and the values they represent, our conceptions of change in the environment, the timescales in which we think about such change, and how we respond (in philosophy, art, and policymaking). 'Dendros' offers a fresh look at the way we see the ‘event structure’ of the world. 56pp. Copies are available to purchase online via the online payments section of the University College Falmouth website.
Jane Atkinson, Ben Ellis,
Becky Joiner, Matthew Pontin

Pub: CAN Project, 2006
ISBN: 978-0-9552787-3-0

Four artists, working for CAN Project, create photographic work that explores different aspects of Cornish rivers. Each artist reveals something of the unique attributes of these natural environments and considers sustainable ways to coexist alongside them. Essays by Dr Loveday Jenkin, Dr Daro Montag and Dr Nancy Roth. 72pp. Copies are available to purchase online via the online payments section of the University College Falmouth website.
searcgDaro Montag
The Search For Small
Pub: Festerman Press, 2003
ISBN: 0951829378

Outcome of an art-science collaboration with the Institute for Animal Health. Publication examines the Foot and Mouth Disease Virus and documents a video of its activities. Essay by Clive Adams and conversation with Dr Tom Wileman. 40pp + 7 additional colour plates.
bioglyphDaro Montag
Pub: Festerman Press, 2001
ISBN: 0951829386

Publication documents Daro Montag’s artistic method and practice of ‘Bioglyphs’ – images generated by the activities of micro-organisms on photographic emulsions. Includes essay by Dr Paul Kilsby. 48pp. Copies are available to purchase online via the online payments section of the University College Falmouth website.
montag-phdDaro Montag
Bioglyphs: Generating Images in
Collaboration with Nature's Events
PhD Thesis, 2000
Downloadable PDF
yewDaro Montag
Pub: Festerman Press, 1997
ISBN: 0951829343

Publication produced to coincide with exhibition of work entitled ‘Yew’ – images created by the degeneration of arils on photographic emulsion. Essays by Anand Chetan and Dr Paul Kilsby. 32pp. Copies are available to purchase online via the online payments section of the University College Falmouth website.