RANE Research Projects

RANE is promoting and developing an ecological interpretation of nature that is informed by process philosophy and contemporary science. A number of short-term research projects exploring these ideas that have been commissioned by, or otherwise connected to RANE, are listed below.

Daro Montag

Annie Lovejoy & Mac Dunlop

Jane Ansell & David Paton
TEND: Artists’ Residency at Trewidden Gardens

Jane Atkinson
Trace Elements 4: Mapping by Water

Susan Boafo
Catchment – Stage One:┬áSpeaking With The Sun

Sara Gadd
Lunar Seeds: Organic Process in the Digital Environment

Robin Hawes & Dr Tim Hodgson
Private View: The Nature of Visual Process

Daro Montag & Paul Ridout
Down To Earth

Dave Pritchard
Dendros: Horizons of Change

Martin Prothero
Seeing the Wood for the Trees

Stacey Righton
Ephemeral Nature

Stephen Turner
Materia Prima

Andy Webster & Jon Bird
The Tuning of Pask’s Ear