The Sacred Mathematics and the Liberal Arts Festival

Where: Rudolf Steiner House, London

When: Weekend of 21st and 22nd October with virtuoso piano concert on Saturday evening 21st October.
Also a heralding lecture on 17th September and an introductory lecture on Friday 20th October

If you would love to live the sacred in your everyday, please come along. If you are asking, What is really real? What is really important?, please come along.

Sacred mathematics can lead you to the Divine. This experience of living, qualitative mathematics was at the heart of the Pythagorean teaching in ancient Greece. Over the centuries the other, technical, quantitative aspect was increasingly developed and the spiritual aspect was unfortunately neglected.

The 7 liberal arts also have their roots in ancient Greek times. They comprise the trivium, logic, grammar and rhetoric; and the quadrivium, arithmetic, geometry, music and astronomy.

This festival is an introduction to these approaches to deepening our reality, vitally needed to help us come through the multiple problems of our modern world.

These ancient knowings hold keys for us all, in the maelstrom of the modern world, to live fully as responsible, incarnate spiritual beings.

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