Running from 18th February to 31st March ‘Sea Swim: Head Above Water’ is curated by the brilliant Lara Goodband, who is also project curator for ‘Offshore: artists explore the sea.’

“The transformative effects of sea bathing that inspire artists and writers are captured in the exhibition, exploring its sensations, stories and psychological impact. ‘Head Above Water’ reveals the embodied imagination of the swimmer’s experience”.

The exibition opens this weekend at Woodend and Crescent Arts as part of Coastival 2017 Scarborough. The exhibition features a range of media, with film, photography, sculpture, drawing and poetry from:

Sally Barker, Tessa Bunney, Gary Coyle, Lynn Dennison, Peter Matthews, Anna Heinrich & Leon Palmer, Simon Pope, Gayle Chong Kwan, Anna Sikorska, Kit Wise & Tace Kelly, Sea Swim

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