Song For the Sea – Silent Disco in the Ocean

Saturday 23rd September 1.30pm – 2.30pm

This is a special invitation to join in a mass celebration of marine life, in Plymouth, this September.
There are 100 places available for this unique experience – listen to the best of international ecoacoustic art whilst soaking in the seascape of Plymouth Sound. You won’t get wet! You will get the experience of a lifetime. The sounds have been specially created in response to our seas and the threat they face. Benthic Caress is both an elegy and a celebration. Media interest in the project is growing, leading to greater awareness of the issues amongst the broader public.
Tickets are only £5 each – this is a not-for-profit production and all monies raised cover the costs involved in making this happen. Maybe you can’t make it but still want to support the project – the volunteer lifeguards and marshalls, or the artists whose creativity makes it so special. Maybe you want to buy a place for someone less able to afford it. Maybe you just want to support the initiative.
Once the project reaches £250 in pledges, a further £500 is unleashed from Plymouth City Council.

Bemused by the idea of a disco in the sea? Find out more by clicking the link below.