Sound Walk Sunday: 27 August, 2017 – a chance to globally celebrate outdoor audio, geo-located, immersive performances and sound (listening) walks.  Designated to take place on the last Sunday in August. Help us get this inaugural off to a great start – please make a recommendation or a contribution – we would like to have a breadth of geographical locations.

Ten years ago when Web 2.0 and geo-located pieces were “new media”, networks / forums of producers and artists evolved and may have created directories or maps, but now it’s mainstream and no longer ‘new’ media and the initial surge for cataloging has diminished. Today little appears to be mapped and yet it is more easily created than ever – Sound Walk Sunday could be seen as nostalgic, but we think it could – with the right ingredients – offer a popular platform for digitally enhanced walking experiences.

We are asking artists and producers of such work to contribute current work that could be tried out by the public on Sound Walk Sunday?

Many thanks, Andrew

Walking Creative (TM)
Founding Director of the
Museum of Walking
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Producer – Talking Walking