From the publishers of Journal of Ethnographic Theory:

We are delighted to present our seventeenth issue: “the gift” is full to
the brim as winter fast approaches, with 575 pages of HAU autumn leaves.

Our weighty issue begins with a debate concluding the symposium on Marisol
de la Cadena’s Earth beings from the previous issue, with the author’s
response and rejoinders from Allen, Canessa, and Hornborg. The following
debate consists of a meditation on the role of ambivalence in relation to
the AAA’s recent vote on the BDS boycott and in the discipline overall,
which prompted a response from Berliner on contradictions. We then offer
Terence Turner’s 2011 Marett lecture followed by comments from Peter Gow,
Mike Cepek, Joana Miller, Cèsar Gordon, and Michael Oppitz as a sneak peek
into the forthcoming volume from HAU Books, The Fire of the Jaguar, a
posthumous tribute to Terence Turner’s contributions to the field.
Similarly, we are proud to offer you an essay which is already a classic:
the first inaugural A. M. Hocart lecture by Marshall Sahlins with comments
from Marc Abélès, Ann Fienup-Riordan, Carlo Ginzburg, Signe Howell, and
Marilyn Strathern, as well as a response from the author. The issue then
moves to articles; first, to commemorate the centenary of the Russian
Revolution we offer a reflection on the canonization of Lenin by Alexei
Yurchak, followed by an extended meditation between the author and Anya
Bernstein, and a consideration of memorialization and funerary rites from
Andrew Kipnis followed by an exchange with Stephan Feuchtwang and Magnus
Fiskesjö as well as articles from Vidart-Delgado, Mentore, Eräsaari, Fahy,
Schmidt, and Yates-Doerr. We then follow with a forum on the precarity of
land rights in Brazil edited by Manuela Carneiro da Cunha and a number of
eminent Americanists. Our much-copied symposia assume a new form with two
interwoven discussions on the anthropology of thought: N. J. Enfield and
Jack Sidnell’s The concept of action and Alessandro Duranti’s The
anthropology of intentions including comments from both authors on each
other’s work. We continue with a seminal piece on the Gift that we saved
from extinction: an unedited contribution from Thomas Trautmann on Mauss, a
translation of Lucien Sebag’s psychoanalytic essay on the dreams of a young
Guyaki woman with an extensive introduction by the translator John Leavitt,
and a reprint of Monica Wilson’s 1959 vitalistic Frazer Lecture, “Divine
kings and the ‘breath of men.’”

With contributions by Marisol de la Cadena, Catherine Allen, Andrew
Canessa, Alf Hornborg, Ciara Kierans, Kristen Bell, David Berliner, Terence
Turner, Peter Gow, Michael Cepek, Joana Miller, Cesar Gordon, Michael
Oppitz, Marshall Sahlins, Marc Abélès, Ann Fienup-Riordan, Carlo Ginzburg,
Signe Howell, Marilyn Strathern, Alexei Yurchak, Anya Bernstein, Andrew
Kipnis, Stephen Feuchtwang, Magnus Fiskesjö, Maria Vidart-Delgado, Laura
Mentore, Matti Eräsaari, John Fahy, Mario Schmidt, Emily Yates-Doeer,
Manuela Carneiro da Cunha, Ruben Caixeta, Jeremy M. Campbell, Carlos
Fausto, José Antonio Kelly, Claudio Lomnitz, Carlos D. Londoño Sulkin, Caio
Pompeia, Aparecida Vilaça, Alessandro Duranti, N. J. Enfield, Jack Sidnell,
William Hanks, Eve Danziger, Shaun Gallagher, Thomas Trautmann, John
Leavitt, Lucien Sebag, and Monica Wilson.

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The gift remains free.

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