The Long View exhibition at Grizedale

After two years of walking to the trees in all seasons, all weathers, night and day, it was inevitable that it would take a while to condense all the material to fit into a relatively small, but beautiful space. And take a while it did. We are delighted to have launched the exhibition at the Gallery at Grizedale Forest. With Grizedale’s long association to the arts and obvious links to trees our work ‘fits’ well we think.

We have been incredibly heartened by the response. We know some people have been going back a second time, and taking their friends and family, eager to take it all in. As well as photographs and poetry the exhibition has screen-printed word art pieces, real trees, laser-cut wood pieces and an interactive tree quiz (can you get your name to the top?). There’s also an invitation to add your signature to the new Charter for Trees, Woods and People so please sign (and if you don’t get to Grizedale, you can sign here. For every signature, a new tree is planted).  More info on the exhibition here. The exhibition is in place until August 31st, open daily 10am – 5pm.