Call for Papers: Philosophica

The peer-reviewed magazine of the Department of Philosophy & The Centre of Philosophy of the University of Lisbon

Over centuries, the category of Nature was the foundation of the unified vision of the world. Yet, it appears today to have lost that unifying role.

On the one hand, this is due to the segmentation of knowledge into multiple sciences and fields of study. On the other hand, it stems from the “crisis of nature”, which even calls into question the continuance of elements of naturality within a highly mechanized and technological future.
This special issue of *Philosophica* invites contributions on the following questions:
  • Is there still place for a philosophy of Nature?
  • Which are the contemporary conceptions of Nature and of the natural?
  • Does philosophy need to address Nature nowadays in order to think totality?
  • Can philosophy of landscape replace the classical philosophies of Nature?
  • How can the anthropocene contribute to a better understanding of Nature?

Manuscripts submitted for inclusion in this special issue must be original work and should not be under consideration with any other journal. They should have a maximum of 35.000 characters (with spaces) in length, including references and footnotes. Manuscripts should be prepared for blind review and be accompanied by an abstract in two languages of no more than 150 words each.
Authors should adhere to the Journal’s publication guidelines (
Full paper submission is due by 15th February 2016 through the following email address:
Standard peer review process will be followed.
Final decisions are expected by March 31st.

Accepted manuscripts will be published in our Spring edition.