Coming to Dartington’s Barn Cinema for a single screening on January 25th.

Vanishing Sail

DIRECTOR: Alexis Andrews

Presented by Classic Boat, with an introduction by local filmmaker, Peter Nicholson, and a post-screening Q&A with producer, Justin Sihera.

On the island of Carriacou in the West Indies, the last wooden sailboat builder dreams of saving a great tradition passed down the generations from Scottish settlers that sailed there centuries ago. The film follows Alywn Enoe’s journey of determination and resilience over three years, from hauling trees with his sons, to a final traditional launching ceremony. Stories of the old Caribbean – trading by sail and smuggling contraband interweave a tribute to the independent spirit of a small island community.

“A haunting, captivating story that will pull heart-strings and etch in the mind of every viewer.” Classic Boat