The Ecological Citizen is a journal which exists to promote ecocentric thought, thinking and action. The third issue, with an agricultural mini theme, exemplifies this mandate well. From the lead ‘Angry Editorial’ through to the closing poetry and art, the ecocentric theme is maintained through both text and beautiful illustrations.

The Angry Editorial brings to light, through a discussion of the ecological destruction caused by contemporary corporate and large scale agriculture, yet again, that our society’s paradigm is a death dealing one. Further on Colin Tudge, in his article Lies, Misconceptions and Global Agriculture, shows that a fair bit of the mountain of agricultural produce is not even necessary for human nutrition. Rob Percival gives an ecocentric perspective on eating animals.

Several shorter pieces round out the agricultural mini theme: Anderson’s personal reasons to be vegan; Payne’s discussion on edible insects; Percival takes on the relation between ecosystem flourishing and eating animals, and; Wes Jackson’s group discusses a different agriculture based on natural systems.

Don’t fear, the issue is not all agricultural! There is an article titled ‘Immigration and Population’, one on ‘The Insanity of Endless Growth’, and a further one on how the distant past influences today’s economics.

Piccolo writes a super review of “Being Salmon: Being Human by Martin Lee Mueller, which will make you want to get and read the book.

Finally, there’s a newly transcribed speech by George Monbiot ‘The Pricing of Everything’ which  critiques concepts such as ‘natural capital’, ‘ecosystem services’, ‘green infrastructure’, ‘asset classes’ and the ‘ecosystem market’.

As if the above were not enough, there’s great original art and plentiful photographic illustrations throughout, and the issue closes with a careful selection of classic and contemporary poetry.

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