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Telling The Truth  is one of the three key values of our movement. This week The Climate Change Committee (CCC) released a devastating and game changing report. For the first time it made recommendations to government on what to do – a recognition of how high the stakes are and also how huge the opportunity. 

With Siberia burning and heatwaves in the UK the BBC1 TV News at 1pm, 6pm and 10pm did not feel that the devastating CCC report, nor the prospect of billions of deaths was newsworthy. ITV news didn’t cover the CCC report but Channel 4 news allocated 7 minutes to it. Next week the Culture Declares working groups will release a statement in response – we must tell the truth.

To contribute to the movements response please join a CDE working group. Please add your name to endorse Julie’s Bicycle’s call for A Just Green Cultural Recovery #JustGreenCulture, and be aware that XR are hosting an Emergency Rebellion Mobilisation Workshop on 1st July 17.0019.00.Register here 

Working Groups

The first Working Groups gathered last week – thank you to all those who attended and contributed their ideas, thoughts and energy – it was an inspiring start. The next sessions take place at the times below. Please register here  to share your skills, ideas or to simply see how you can connect your existing work to the movement.

Tuesday 30th June 9-10.30am Strategic Change Making 
Wednesday 1st July  9-10.30am Communications
Thursday 2nd July 9- 10.30am Actions and Events

Please contact the group coordinators on the emails below if you have questions: 


The Offer returns on 1st July 11-12.30 with Reimagining the City 2
Book Here

Our streets are layered with histories, echoes of the past, cracks in the pavement and unplanned seedlings.  Taking a metaphorical walk, we share observations as we slipstream between south London and Bordesley Green in Birmingham towards a destination that inhabits the past and summons the present. Through poetic text we ask how we might reimagine our streets, urban gardens and shared communal spaces in a time of climate and ecological emergency.
Zena Edwards
Tyrone Huggins
Claire MacDonald
Heather Ackroyd

29 June  17.00-18.00 Ask a Scientist LIVE is back next Monday with its fourth event on “Tipping Points: What should we be afraid of?” How may they end up saving us? What should we worry about? Do they really mean it’s too late to act? Or will they end up saving us? If you want to get some answers, look no further.

Wednesday I July 16.30-17.15 Julie’s Bicycle Creative Climate Chats No 5 – Farah Ahmed in conversation with Zamzam Ibrahim. As co-Founder and President of Students Organising for Sustainability (SOS), Zamzam has been campaigning to transform the education system so sustainability is integral and inclusive in responding to the climate emergency. She will be discussing the organised student responses to climate justice, how that’s been disrupted in the current Covid situation, and how we might come out with climate and environmental campaigning at the fore. More here and register here

On going – Check out the St Ethelburga’s on-line programme. St Ethelburga’s work focuses on climate breakdown, refugee integration and community polarisation. They understand that climate breakdown is likely to become a key driver of conflict, migration and hardship.  All of their programmes speak directly to that need.