Shinano primitive sense artist in residence 2016

The land’s telling stories, the storyteller of the water

This art festival will be held in the town of Kisaki Lake in Nagano prefecture. It is aiming to make Kisaki Lake to connect the boundaries between local artists and artists from outside and boundary between traditional culture and art. This year will be the 7th anniversary of Shinano Primitive Sense Festival. The festival will provide the environments where participates can experience rich nature and culture surrounds Kisaki Lake. We will support and encourage inviting artists from local and oversea to bring new perspective of the art to the local area.


Artist in Residence competition

This art festival stands on the boundary area of the culture which connect local with outside people, art with tradition, and connect city with rural. In this year turns to be the 7th anniversary of the Shinano Primitive Sense Art Festival, as a media of the “storyteller”, all participating artists would produce their artworks which will start to tell the stories of the land of the Water “the Lake Kizakiko”. In terms of artists coming over the sea create the voice of the land which would bring fresh surprising, at the same time, the Lake will start to tell the story of a news tradition.