grew out of the Language, Landscape & the Sublime symposium which took place in June 2016 at Dartington Hall and Sharpham House. Primarily we think of as a space for thought, for making, for collaboration and for conversation. celebrates and supports artists who look outward. This might mean quite explicitly talking about environmental or ecological issues, or it might mean a much broader sense of the ecological: something that is open, enquiring, caring, and considerate of the world (people and places) it inhabits. To do this we hold events (informal and otherwise), we nurture ideas and sometimes careers, we curate exhibitions and we disseminate knowledge.

This breadth is important – an ecological impetus; an embracing of the ecological thought (after Morton). 

Our structure reflects this. We do not seek funding, although funding sometimes finds us. We say that everything we do must in one way or another pay for itself. We don’t have a ‘proper’ office or permanent staff. We are light of foot. This means that there is a cost to taking part in our events, but we always try to make it possible for everyone who desires it to be able to do so.

We produce events, conduct research, and work with our partners to make new projects happen. We believe in working as internationally as possible while acknowledging absolutely to power and lure of the local. These things are not mutually exclusive. We work openly and collaboratively.

This work focusses on how we live on the planet and on art as a practice of being present and being here. Based on the Dartington estate, we are a centre for learning and creation, each year attracting some of the most enquiring minds and some of the most creative people from across the world to come and spend time finding new energy and knowledge. is not here to endure –– or at least its primary impetus is not endurance –– but to last as long as people want it to last. So, finally, is an invitation: to take part, to join in, to help out, to be with us and be us.

People all over the world feel a part of, and as long as that continues, then continues. Some are members, which provides us with a core income which helps us pay the essential bills that any organisation faces. Read more at



Contact us if you’ve anything to say or if you’d like to help or get involved. is led by Richard Povall.  See who else is involved.