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The title of this project is a play on words, artists may be like
stones, rolling to places beyond their original intention, far from
the buzz afforded by art school crits, first nights, gallery visits
and rapid transit systems. The research will seek to identify
methodologies  for artists in isolated settings to ‘kickstart’ their
practice in a critical vacuum.

It seems obvious that Art exists in a setting of dialogue. In its
viewing, its reception the dialogue exists between the viewer and the
artwork and in most cases is beyond the control of its creator. In its
inception however, there is a wider conversation between the Artist ,
the artwork and the context in which the Artist finds herself. This
wider conversation may be a rehearsal for a later reception dialogue,
to make the artwork fit for purpose, working on the question ‘what is
the artist trying to say’ through the artwork as mouthpiece

This question may not have an easy answer during a great part of the
preparation. A figurative work can perhaps be judged in the extent to
which it evokes the subject matter. An abstract artwork may be self
justified by its adherence to a formal working method but overall a
significant factor in addressing the above question is a discussion
formed as words and not mark making. No longer representing things,
rather making work about ideas must surely necessitate realising some
[small] part of the idea as words.

Thus I am arguing that the context, mentioned above is found as words,
interior or exterior to the artist. Art is not made in a Silence.
Outside of a metropolitan ‘bubble’ access to a critical context may
not be freely available and the purpose of my research is to
understand fellow artists’ response to this shortfall both in their
words and in executed artwork. In particular I should like to reach
out to and include practitioners for whom a material art object may
not be the objective.

To thank you for your assistance I shall make a casebound, hardback
book of your contributions. The book will feature 20 (approx. )
artists with images and facing text. Each selected participant will
receive a free copy and further copies will be made available at cost.
The book will have an ISBN, and may be eligible for DACS payments.
Initially, complete the form below, including  an image and an account
(200 words) to reflect your work and working method  with a URL for
other relevant work. You must confirm that you own copyright in the
image and text. With your permission, it could be helpful if I or a
fellow researcher might conduct a short telephone interview if we
intend to print your contribution.

Please also say how you found this call.

On progress the selected image must be available in hi-res (2500 x
2500 pixels) — the artist will at all times retain control of
copyright both of image and text.The text of the book will be
published in English, if not your first language the editor may be
able to help with language issues.

Any Questions or Problems with this form please email on the address below
Deadline 30/09/2019

Keywords : art, book, isolation, participation, publication

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