The LAND ART GENERATOR INITIATIVE is pleased to announce that our fourth biennial design competition will launch on January 1st, 2016 with the City of Santa Monica as a site partner. The winning proposal will take home the $15,000 USD prize award presented at GREENBUILD 2016.
On January 1st, the complete design brief and all of the supplemental information that you’ll need will be found at Please forward this email to anyone who you think might be interested in participating.
LAGI 2016 will invite you to design a site-specific public artwork that generates clean electricity and/or drinking water for Southern California at a utility scale. The site includes the breakwater adjacent to the historic Santa Monica Pier, and it offers the opportunity to utilize wave and tidal energy as well as wind, solar, and other technologies.
The competition is open to anyone and there is no fee to enter! Past participants have included artists, architects, engineers, landscape architects, and scientists, working in interdisciplinary teams of up to 20 people, or sometimes alone. We’ve also had wonderful (and sometimes winning) proposals come in from university design studios of all sorts that use the LAGI brief as their spring semester design challenge.
When you enter the LAGI design competition, you join a growing network of conscientious designers who are taking a proactive role in fighting climate change while beautifying our cities and landscapes. We are now calling on past participants (regardless of winning status) to participate in new design challenges for cities.
As we’ve learned from past LAGI design competitions, the world is rich with creative and beautiful solutions to the problems of climate change and energy security. This year, in response to the severe drought facing California, we are looking forward seeing design proposals that address sustainable water infrastructures as well.
Follow THIS LINK to see our esteemed list of LAGI 2016 jurors. We are incredibly grateful for their generosity and we look forward to working with them after the May 15, 2016 submission deadline.
We are fortunate to have an amazing list of partners for LAGI 2016, including the CITY OF SANTA MONICA and the SANTA MONICA PIERGREEN PUBLIC ART CONSULTANCY (we can’t thank Rebecca Ansert Ehemann enough for working with us to bring LAGI to Southern California!), USGBC-LA (the LA Chapter of the US Green Building Council), ARTS:EARTH PARTNERSHIPMOAH (Museum of Art and History in Lancaster, CA), and THE BAY FOUNDATION. We’ll be announcing more partners and supporters prior to the January 1st launch.
To get inspired, check out the entire portfolio of past submissions HERE.
Santa Monica has been recognized as one of the TOP TEN SUSTAINABLE CITIES in the United States and we could not have asked for a more supportive site partner.
In addition to our LAGI 2016 competition, we are holding a LAGI 2015–2016 Youth Prize for those aged 18 and below. The Youth Prize is currently open and runs from August 15, 2015 – May 15 2016. Young people can participate on their own, through classrooms, in after school programs, or in teams of their choice! More information can be found HERE.
Thank you for your interest and we look forward to seeing your ideas in 2016!
If you appreciate the work that LAGI is doing to promote sustainable development and the arts—both in education and in the built environment—please consider a TAX-DEDUCTIBLE GIFT to help make LAGI 2016 and our educational content possible. Thank you!
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