ArtCOP21 – global festival

ArtCOP21 is the arts response to the intergovernmental meeting on climate change, running from September to December 2015, alongside COP21 in Paris.  If art imagines the world differently, whether that’s by thinking, like Dark Mountain, about inevitable collapse, or whether it’s by pre-figuring the world we want to live in, ArtCOP21 is a way to connect up and see, hear, feel and experience how art and activism can play together.  The Laboratory of Insurrectionary Imagination will be providing ways for us all to participate.

Creative Carbon Scotland has been using their programme of Green Teas(e) in Glasgow and Edinburgh to support the development of ideas and engagement in the issues.  They are providing some co-ordination and profile for projects happening in Scotland.

So if you are doing something about Climate Change using art, you should probably let people know by contributing to ArtCOP21 – global festival of cultural activity on climate change