Here is an email we received unsolicited. It does however seem to present a selling opportunity that is genuine, and with a very good commission of only 3.5%.

Buyer beware! This is not coming recommended but as something to explore.


I wanted to introduce myself and the art/design selling platform we’ve been working on for the past year.  We’ve just launched it in over 20 countries to help expand your customer base and we’re inviting you to use our curated platform because we’ve come across your gallery in the past and feel it would be a great addition to our platform.

You can upload as many pieces as you like for FREE and we only take 3.5% commission.

Please see attached invitation and information.

If you would like more information please use this link which tells you more about the process:

Please feel free to ask me any questions you may have or If you need any help, just chat to us (there’s a black & white help icon in the bottom right of the webpage), we’re here to help you get your art out there, in the most attractive way possible!


Lee Button
Chief Curator

artlimes ltd
UK: +44 (0)7816 142 994