from our friends at somewhere-nowhere

After an uncannily hot and dry summer, it feels as if Cumbria’s autumn is drawing in, with mizzle and cool evenings. Time to reflect back: long walks completing a poem, summer in Yorkshire Sculpture Park, a brief foray in Tajikistan, and homage to the sad demise of some very special ash trees. Meanwhile, we’re getting ready to swap land for sea and will be seeing out the month of August on a sailing boat with a crew of geologists, winding our way past the incredibly ancient rocks that line the coast from Ullapool to Orkney. Although there’s a geological focus, the trip won’t be all about rocks: we’ll also be learning about the state of the oceans, the history of this part of Scotland, and what it feels like to be out at sea on this predominantly watery planet.  We leave for Scotland this afternoon and cannot wait for the adventure to unfold.

Rob & Harriet

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