C-PLATFORM is a non-profit culture and art research and curatorial organization located in Xiamen, China. The organization works at the intersection of Art, Design and Technology, focusing on current trends and future concepts in the realm of mixed media. In addition to periodical research subjects and issues it has conducted a series of explorations and related practices. This has been achieved by launching and curating comprehensive research projects and activities which are inter-disciplinary, inter-media and inter-sensory.

In conjunction to its capacity organizing and directing working processes, C-PLATFORM has also, in May 2017, officially launched the PROJECTS IN PROGRESS – OPEN CALL FOR PROPOSALS. We will provide the necessary funding and executive support for the selected project proposal with the aim of presenting a range of culturally and creatively diverse projects in different types of locations and spaces.



This OPEN CALL is open to anyone involved in research or creative practice in the realms of art, design or architecture. Applicants should provide; a comprehensive resume in either Chinese or English, a photo ID, a copy of their relevant ID document and appropriate contact information.


Applicants may combine their own research and practice interests with one of the following directions as a focus for their project plan:
More information of project directions as followed


All applicants should provide fully detailed project plans in either Chinese or English. This should include; Project idea statements (no more than 1,000 words), Project format (exhibition, event or workshop, etc.), Previous work and biography including pictures, illustrations and introductions of works (no more than 80 words for each work), Proposed project space concept and budget details (optional)


We will invite experts in the field to participate in reviewing proposals. We will notify the selected applicant by mail and communicate further the specific details for support and implementation of the project.


Submission Time: Ongoing/apply any time
Submission Fee: No Charge
Submission Email: info@c-platform.org(only)


Participating projects must respect China’s national conditions without breaching relevant laws and regulations.


C-PLATFORM reserves the right for final interpretation of this open call.


image:  C-PLATFORM × Huang Xi & Yang Zhiqian: Nonexistent Twilight