We live in a world shadowed by the ongoing climate change crisis. This crisis is often conveyed using numbers and figures – rather than stories of human experiences. The changes proposed are often focused on economic or technological solutions – rather than moral or psychological aspects. Very little is said about the need to question our lifestyles, worldviews and relationships with the more-than-human world, in our response to climate change.
This is the third time The Sigtuna Foundation and CEMUS come together to host the Climate Existence conference. With this undertaking, we wish to create a transdisciplinary conversation that challenges how we talk and think about our role as humans in an era of climate change and ecological unravelling. 
The conference will also be an exploration of the interface between the worlds of academia and art, inviting a wide range of contributions that open up new ways of relating to the predicament we find ourselves in.
In short: We want to address how the current climate crisis relates to what is at the very core of our existence: to consider Climate Existence.
When: April 6-8, 2016.
Guests include: 
Antje Jackelén – Lutheran Archbishop of Uppsala in Sweden and Primate of the Church of Sweden
David Buckland – Artist, Film-maker, Creator and Director of Cape Farewell
Eva Bakkeslett  – Artist, Filmmaker and Activist
Andri Snær Magnason -Writer and Poet
Brian Palmer – Uppsala University
Dougald Hine – Dark Mountain Project
Vincent J. F. Huang – Artist, Art Curator and Scholar
Ingrid Moum Rieser, Josefin Lindh, Felicia Sjögren  – Bigger Picture Network
Doreen Stabinsky – College of the Atlantic and Uppsala University
Andrea Nightingale – Swedish University of Agricultural Science (SLU)
For more information, including call for contributions and how to register for the conference, please visit www.climateexistence.se
The webpage is updated with more guests as well as other information continuously.
Malin Östman – Educational Coordinator

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