Call for entries open till 31 July

The COAL Prize is open to artists throughout the world who dare to imagine and experiment, to transform territories, lifestyles, organisations, and production methods. Together, they are building a new collective narrative, a new vision, developing our future heritage, and in doing so creating the necessary optimistic framework for everyone to find the means and the motivation to implement the changes needed for a more sustainable and just world.

This year, the COAL association celebrates its 10th anniversary. A decade of commitment alongside artists who wish to give their all to using culture as a medium of change, an ecological transition through solidarity. These words are not a figure of speech, but the result of our story. A decade ago we were talking about “sustainable development”. France defined its plan of action at the Grenelle Environment Round Table, as countries around the world were preparing for the 14th COP in Poznan, Poland. This year COP24 will be back in Poland, in Katowice, and just as 2007 was in its time the second warmest year in a century, 2017 has now claimed that title. Over this same period, the number of breeding birds species that are endangered in Europe has risen from 25 to 33 percent. There is hope however, for the solar-wind-biomass trio finally overtook coal as the main source for generating electricity in the European Union last year, and while some things have not changed as hoped, our dedication is not weakened, quite the contrary.

So this year, we see neither a failure nor an outcome, but the basis of a movement towards a renewed commitment that makes the COAL Prize ever more relevant.

The COAL Prize has become a vehicle for identification, promotion and dissemination of these artists to the general public, political actors and professionals of culture as well as of ecology. Each year, it honors ten projects in the field of visual arts relating to environmental issues, which are selected through an international open call. Though only one of them is awarded the COAL Prize, all the artists and projects considered by COAL and the selection committee will become part of a network which COAL may invite or endorse for other relevant opportunities and projects carried out by the association.

With the sponsorship of the Ministry of Culture and the Ministry of Ecological Development. With the support of the Ministry of Culture, the European Union and the Imagine2020 network, the Museum of Hunting and Nature and the François Sommer Foundation.

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Application deadline : July 31, 2018

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