[NOTE: ‘Cultnet’ is an academic email bulletin board for people interested in culture and cultural knowledge]

from Mike Byram (m.s.byram@DURHAM.AC.UK)

Dear All
Some years ago a sub-group of Cultnet members created a network of activities and texts etc. in which ‘intercultural citizenship’ theory was implemented . The result can be seen in the book entitled From Principles to Practice in Education for Intercultural Citizenship

Recently I have suggested to this group and some others that they might be interested in working on implementing the Reference Framework of Competences for Democratic Culture
This would mean language teachers working with teachers of other subjects to demonstrate how co-operation can take place.

Martyn Barrett – who presented the RFCDC at Cultnet earlier this year – has said that implementation is planned already in a number of countries but adds this:
However, an interesting variant for Cultnet could be to do what you did in the intercultural citizenship book – ask people to pair up (or indeed treble up, etc.). Groups could then try implementing the same approach in two or more different educational systems or contexts. The eventual report could not only describe the approach that was adopted and the outcomes, but also the problems, obstacles and adjustments that had to be made in the different contexts. The cross-national comparative dimension could be really interesting here. As we have already seen, Cultnet is very well-placed to catalyse such activities.

A further focus that some Cultnet members might be interested to pursue is the implementation of the RFCDC portfolio in either schools or universities. As you know, two versions of the portfolio (a standard version and a younger learners version) have now been produced, and these will be available online very soon for volunteers to pilot. When they are available, we will be contacting Cultnet members who indicted at an earlier point in time that they might be willing to help with these piloting activities, and their involvement in this piloting could also be used as a springboard for further RFCDC-related activities in the future.

So, after this long introduction, the purpose of this email is to ask if anyone else wishes to be involved in a new network, and to let me know if they do.

What precisely will happen next remains to be seen, so this is simply to ensure that everyone in Cultnet is aware of the plans and can be involved if they wish

Best wishes