Culture, community and climate: towards transpraxis

We invite your ideas for inclusion in this book to be published in 2020 by the imprint ( The publication explores models of cooperation and collaboration between artists and practitioners in other disciplines with an interest in the sciences and climate science in particular.  Primarily we are seeking conversations: with individuals or with transdiscpinary teams.

Art-science collaboration is not new and there are excellent examples of practice. Transdisciplinarity is not well theorised however and while we are interested in exploring practical case studies we are seeking articles looking at the fundamental nature of transdisciplinarity and the fundamental often unsettling shifts it brings to working practices. 

Beyond transdisciplinary collaborations we have an additional interest in transcultural approaches to practice. The Centre for Contemporary Art and the Natural World ( is based in the UK and has been working since 2005 with artists and scientific disciplines; Science Walden ( is a multi-disciplinary engineering research centre within the Ulsan National Institute of Science & Technology ( in S. Korea. 

Despite its modernity and view of itself as a thriving capitalist nation imbued with Western values, S. Korea is nevertheless still looks East and to its Confucian roots (particularly in terms of ethics and a family-centred social practice.

We are therefore particularly interested in conversations between artists, scientists and engineers from different countries whose work references or at least understands its societal roots.


Share your practice

Primarily we are seeking conversations. You need to be willing and able to be interviewed by one of our editorial team about your practice and to be able to express the theoretical implications of your work as well as describe the work itself. We may subsequently invite you to submit some writing or a case study in addition to interviewing you.

In the autumn of 2019 we will be interviewing selected individuals or groups either in person or via Skype and transcribing those interviews for publication.



September 13, 2019: Deadline for expressions of interest
January 2020: Proposed publication date

About the editors

Prof. JAEWEON CHO is the Director of Science Walden. (more information to follow)

Prof. RICHARD POVALL is a researchers, cultural producer, and educator and the founding Director of His practice and research centre around the natural world and ecological systems and art practices. He has run a number of creative companies and held senior academic posts at Universities in the UK and USA and is currently Visiting Research Professor at Science Walden at UNIST, S. Korea. He has a doctorate from Plymouth University, sits on the boards of a number of creative organisations, and is a member of the Cultural Leadership Group at Eden Project.

The imprint

The imprint was launched in 2019. It features publications from our own research activity, including our international symposia. We will also by invitation publish books that have a particular affinity with our core ethos and mission. We have a particular interest in exploring how the arts speaks to the world, and how it works with practitioners from other disciplines. As many of our artists are addressing issues concerning the environment and the natural world we always seek collaborations with experts whose work speaks directly to those fields, and how practitioners from many disciplines can inform one another and work together.

The imprint is also the publication platform for the research efforts of our partners. In particular the Centre for Contemporary Art and its Korean research partner Science Walden.