We’re working in concert with our friends at Dark Mountain as we launch the call for Borrowed Time 2021 and they launch their own call for participation in special edition Requiem.

They say:

This week we launch a call out for our next spring issue, an exciting new collaboration with art.earth, whose summit, Borrowed Time: on death, dying and change, also has a call for proposals today. art.earth is a loose collective – a family – of artists, writers and researchers, redrawing understandings of what it means to be alive in times of ecological unravelling. They organise annual summits on themes – such as In Other Tongues – as well as regular talks and gatherings, short courses and exhibitions. The publication of this collection next April will herald a year of events, talks and teachings, both online and in person, that will build up to the Borrowed Time summit in Dartington, Devon, in November 2021.

Grief and loss have threaded through the Dark Mountain Project since it began, an attention that has allowed writers and artists to bear witness to and mourn both ecological and cultural collapse. Looking back, the books appear like small arks bobbing on a dark ocean, holding all that we yearn to preserve close to our hearts. We have celebrated the lives of disappearing creatures and places, as if hosting some perpetual wake: from performances of Nick Hunt’s ‘Loss Soup’ and Feral Theatre’s A Funeral for the Caspian Tiger at our Uncivilisation Festivals to Jay Griffith’s lament for coral and an interview with Bernie Krause about the great silence of nature in our anthologies. It is a hard task to look at how the wild world is losing its feathers and leaves, its scales and ice floes, its songs, and the creative space Dark Mountain curates has provided a gathering point where contributors and readers can face this vanishing together.

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