Ecological Resilience: life support systems for ‘homosapiens-urbis’

a lecture by David Haley

January 24th, 18.00-19.30
Manchester School of Architecture, MMU, Chatham Building, Lecture Theatre 312

David makes art with ecology, to inquire and learn. He works internationally, with ecosystems and their inhabitants, to generate dialogues that question climate change, species extinction and urban development.

From the Fertile Crescent to agro-industry, from mineral extraction to heritage theme park, the synergy between urban and rural landscapes has always been at the expense of the latter. As human populations embark on the greatest transformative challenges in our history, we may question ‘what is land for’ and how may it contribute to human and non-human life support systems?

Based on ecological arts projects in Cumbria, Manchester and Henan Province, China, this presentation will consider the paradox of Sustainable Development as it is played out through ‘ecosystem services’, ‘natural capital’, conservation and restoration. While ‘heritage is what culture makes of history’, our marketingaspirations seem reminiscent of 18th century Romanticism, deluded by techno-fix solutions to ‘wickedproblems’. The presentation will propose reinventing the metabolism of Northern Britain as a key to ‘capable futures’ for adaptation to ecological resilience.


image: David Haley: THE VIEWPOINT Project, Cumbria