An open letter to the community from Richard Povall

Dear all

It seems like finally the threats to our planet and climate are being heard not only by those who want to hear about them. For too long, we’ve been part of a cozy club worried about the state of the world and the environment, but largely speaking to ourselves. The recent co-ordinated ‘climate emergency’ actions that have been taking place across the globe by people of all ages (including some very powerful actions by school-children) has moved the bar and turned up the volume. Here in the UK we may be obsessed by #Brexit, but still the Climate Emergency voice is being heard.

On April 3 we will declare as a cultural organisation supporting the call to action on climate emergency – #CultureDeclaresEmergency. So watch this space for that announcement. We don’t see ourselves as a political organisation – but our climate is not just a political issue, it’s an issue of being and how we live on the planet. And that’s what is all about, too.

Read more about Culture Declares Emergency.

As individuals, or other organisations, there are number of ways in which you can become directly involved. Look on the CDE website for more information, or back here on April 3rd.  But before then, please write a Letter to the Earth. These do not have to be grand poetic gestures – although they can be. A letter can be a single word or an impassioned plea. Or just a statement of the loss you are feeling, or the frustration you are feeling, or just a nod of agreement that we need to do something. Personally, I will write a love letter.

Submit your Letter to the Earth by March 22nd.

We’re currently looking into how we can take part as an organisation in the reading of the letters on April 12. Watch this space for more.