From 24 – 26 October 2015, an international symposium on Ecolinguistics with special emphasis on the topic of Discourse(s) on Environmental Problems will take place at the English Department of the University of Graz.

Programme information

Ecolinguistics is a branch of linguistics which studies the links between language and ecology. On the one hand, it deals with the  ‘ecology of languages’ which uses ‘ecology’ as  a metaphor for languages and researches the interactions between languages and dialects both in individuals as well as in society. On the other, ecolinguistics studies the role of language in the living-together of human beings, animals and plants and analyses the discourse about the environment and the impact language has on the environment and potentially aggravates or reduces environmental problems.  The latter is the focus of the symposium in Graz: it brings together researchers who are interested in how environmental issues are discussed in various spheres of social life (media, politics, everyday communication, professional groups, etc.), relating to topics such as genetic engineering, climate change, energy resources, etc. as well as more general aspects of ecolinguistics.

The Conference venue:  

English Department of Graz University (HS 11.01., Heinrichstrasse 36, A-8010 Graz, Austria). The conference languages are English and German.

The organizers:

Em. Prof. Dr. Alwin Fill (alwin.fill(at)

Prof. Dr. Hermine Penz (hermine.penz(at)

Email the organizers if you wish to attend. There is no registration cost.