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Application information

Who can apply?

Freelance creatives living and working in Dorset (this includes Bournemouth, Christchurch and Poole) who are experiencing severe financial hardship due to COVID-19. This fund is for individuals who aren’t able to receive support from other resources and are ‘falling through the gaps’ and not eligible or meeting the criteria for other funds like this one. 

This is a hardship fund and not a fee replacement fund. If you’ve lost bookings or work but are not in dire need of financial help, please refrain from applying to this fund. We imagine there will be further opportunities in the coming months. We are looking at creatives in the broadest of terms, this includes artists, musicians, comedians, visual artists, performers, directors, actors, writers, film makers, producers, curators, clowns etc.

We realise a lot of criteria states 50% or more of your income needs to be made through your freelance practice to receive support. We recognise that this has created some barriers to individuals applying for support and some may be falling through the gaps due to this. Whilst we do not expect your freelance work to equate to 50% or more of your income, we do expect that those who are applying are doing so because they are currently unable to pay for their essential living costs due to the loss of freelance income. 

You must have a UK bank account and be aged 18 or above to apply.

If you have any additional questions about your eligibility, please contact Molly at: / 07874 339841

Round 1 deadline: 
Friday 22nd May, 12pm 

Round 2 deadline: 
Friday 5th June, 12pm 

Round 3 deadline: 
Friday 19th June, 12pm

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