EARTHBOUND: The Multispecies Paradigm Shift

Artists, Researchers and You Exploring and Challenging the Anthropocene

26-29 September 2018, Aarhus & Mols, Denmark.

only 10 places remain

EARTHBOUND is an international, interdisciplinary and interspecies symposium where we will gather around the urgent and universal topic: the state of the planet. With three main characters – animals, microorganisms and landscapes – we explore what it means to be earthbound: to live on the planet and of the land.With EARTHBOUND we create interdisciplinary meetings which investigate what the changing climate and the so- called Anthropocene do to the worldviews and actions of human beings, in the arts spheres, in research and in other societal areas.

The Anthropocene is the proposed label of the present geological epoch, where the activities of mankind have become a climate factor with massive impact on the eco systems of the planet and its future geology. The paradigm shift in the title is about how we in the Western world gradually seem to acknowledge that humans indeed are deeply entangled with all other entities. This requires developing ways of living consciously with all creatures, sharing the same right to live. The changes of mindset are already seen within both research/science and the arts, in the growing awareness of the necessity of decolonizing, and in the acknowledgment of indigenous knowledge, as well as in various quotidian thoughts and actions. With this paradigm shift we can perhaps move into the future with both new and ancient knowledge.

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