from Steve Thorp

Unpsychology Magazine issue 5 –
Earthsongs is out now (it’s FREE!)
Dear Richard

Do you like the image at the top of this email? It’s a wonderful painting called ‘Hand of Mystery’ by Sarah Stone that appears in the new unpsychology magazine (Earthsongs: sweet soul elegies and dancing the blues) – alongside Toby Chown’s work. And there’s loads more where that came from: beautiful artwork by Sarah, Jay Sioux, Jenny Arran, Ruth Thorp and a host of wonderful poetry and writing. And what really makes this issue special is the music itself! The magazine has two ‘playlists’ set up for video and audio – one on Soundcloud and the other on Daily Motion. There are links in the magazine to all the songs, music and videos – many of them created just for this issue – so the magazine is a genuinely interactive and musical experience!

Anyway, I’m getting ahead of myself. This email is to let you know that the Earthsongs issue of Unpsychology is now out! You can download your FREE copy from: and follow the links on the page, or you can click here as an alternative: 

And as a bonus, with every download of unpsychology 5, you’ll also be able to access the digital edition of the beautiful unpsychology 3 – the Childhood edition FREE of charge. This is the only place this digital edition of the magazine has been made publicly available – so its a real treat (though if you’d prefer the even more beautiful print version, you can still get hold of it from the Raw Mixture shop!)

We wanted to create a publication that would reflect the current concerns and responses to the climate and ecological emergencies we face, whilst recognising the part music and song plays in activism, healing and ecological knowledge and connection. We think the artists and writers here have done the job! We hope you agree and really enjoy the latest unpsychology magazine – and don’t forget to put your headphones on when you’re reading it! The playlists are really worth listening to!

Get involved!…

If you’d like to help us spread the word, and promote the magazine, please feel free to tell everyone you know about it, and promote the link on social media and elsewhere. For those of you living in the UK, I will also be able to send you a quantity of download cards to hand out to your friends and contacts – and to give out at conferences, festivals, XR meetings and the like. Please let me know how many you’d like. If you live further afield, do get in touch and we can talk about how you might get hold of promotional materials to use in your party of the world!

If you’d like to join the conversation, you can engage with Unpsychology on Medium, where we post additional material. If you’d got something to say, let us know, and you can make a submission to the Medium publication. If you’d likeunpsychology magazine represented at your event or campaign group, do let us know, or if you’d like to support us in any other ways – financially* (see below!), moral support or any other way you can think of – please get in touch!

Many, many thanks for your ongoing support for unpsychology magazine. We are very proud of this issue, and always astonished at the quality of the work that comes to us! We live in Troubled Times – it is true – but the creative community is constantly responding to what we face with integrity and beauty.

All best wishes,

Steve Thorp (co-editor, Unpsychology Magazine, with Julia Macintosh)