Evgenia Emets is a poet and artist, she has lived and worked in Russia, UK and Portugal, her art informed by the language, culture, social and ecological landscape of these places. She graduated from Central Saint Martin’s College of Art in 2008. Her works are in museums, libraries and private collections around the world.

She will introduce her work at First Friday.

She says:

I work with language, word and text, attempting to question and expand their boundaries through artist books, calligraphic works, objects, performances and installations. I have been working on integrating poetry I have been writing since I was 14 into my art practice. Born in the USSR and coming from a multicultural background, I have changed homes and countries many times. Today I live in Portugal, learning a new language, working on new projects, negotiating the cultural, historical, and environmental legacies of her new home country.

Eternal Forest project which started in 2018 marks a transition towards integration of ecological thinking into my art. The project has been exhibited across Portugal, in the UK (Biblioteca Nacional de Portugal, King’s College), has been invited for a new site-specific commission at the Bienal de Coruche in Portugal in 2019.

In addition to the piece below she is also inviting you to watch her Eternal Forest Manifesto (10’42)


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Evgenia Emets: Eternal Forest Manifesto


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