Evolving the Forest was a three-day international conference, a gathering of thinkers, makers and doers from across the globe and across the cultural spectrum. It was convened by art.earth, the Royal Forestry Society, and Timber Strategies. Nearly 300 people came together to explore the forest: as a resource, as a source of inspiration, as a living ecological entity, as poetry, as material, as our future. The event was accompanied an exhibition across the estate at Dartington Hall, which ran from June to September 2019.

We will now produce a publication under the art.earth imprint and have also been invited to submit a proposal to one of the UK’s most respected academic publishers, and we are now seeking proposals for these publications. In the first instance we will look at the in-house art.earth publication but we will at the same time pick a number of proposals to include in our book proposal.¬†We expect both publications to be important works reflecting the state of current forestry and future thinking of Uk forestry for the next 100 years that help inspire and lead our understanding of the forest in all its forms.

Primarily the book will be reflective on and of the Evolving the Forest event and so this call is aimed at symposium participants. We may however choose to include relevant essays and other pieces that did not arise directly from the symposium but which nevertheless plug a hole in our contemporary understanding of ‘the forest’.

We are asking you to submit an outline proposal or abstract for consideration. In their final form, formal essays will be between 3,000 to 5,000 words long, but we are also open to many other forms of expression (reflective of the content of the event itself). Other pieces may include scientific reports, policy papers, poetry, reports on workshops, experimental writing, reflective pieces from the event, or explorations of forestry or the forest past, present and future.

At this stage however we are only looking for outline proposals; we will give you more information about formatting, etc. at a later stage.

Proposals should be no longer than 200 words and where appropriate can include one or two images.


The art.earth imprint

The art.earth imprint was launched in 2019. It features publications from our own research activity, including our international symposia. We will also, by invitation, publish books that have a particular affinity with our core ethos and mission. We have a particular interest in exploring how the arts speaks to the world, and how it works with practitioners from other disciplines. As many of our artists are addressing issues concerning the environment and the natural world we always seek collaborations with experts whose work speaks directly to those fields, and how practitioners from many disciplines can inform one another and work together.